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Sculptures and commissions

Portraiture, figure, pets, conceptual

Whether you want to immortalize yourself or a loved one in sculpture, or simply create something based on a historical or conceptual concept there is a host of possibilities in a variety of mediums which can be catered to.

Sculptures and commissions: Classes

Working from life

For most commissions, ideally it is necessary to have sessions in person. If this is not an option, works can be created from photographs or other means if required. (as is the case of conceptual, "historical" pieces or if the client is unable to have face to face sessions)


Ready made works

All works seen in my gallery are available for order, some images are of the original works in water based clay, I have moulded these works and they can be ordered in plaster, resin or bronze. 

They are also available in a variety of patinas, mounted on wood or marble bases.

*Subject to availability

*All works are limited editions

*Prices vary according to materials chosen

*Clay version not available for order

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